Sunday, January 08, 2017

Happy Chemicals - Sad Truth

Listened to the book "Why Leaders Eat Last" and learned that there are 4 chemicals in our brain which leads to happiness.

They say that these 4 chemicals are created for different reasons and which leads to happiness.

1. Endorphins - Pain reliever
2. Dopamine - Setting goals and striking them once achieved
3. Serotonin - Making parents, partner, friends..etc proud of us
4. Oxytocin - Kind of safety feeling

The sadness is at last, they have concluded that all our happiness in life is based on the above 4 chemicals.

They lost the heart in this whole thing. I always believed happiness lies in your heart, if you do things/take decisions with the heart you will be happy irrespective of the end results.

Try to put heart first and brain (formed in combinations of chemicals) second.


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