Thursday, February 15, 2018

The other pair

Watched a short clip about a poor boy whose slippers were broken & become of no use.
At the same time he see a young rich boy wearing a new pair of shoes, continously cleaning his shiny shoes and boarding a crowded train.

As you guessed, one of the shoe slipped from the young boy's foot while boarding and the train started.

The poor boy after initial hesitation picks the left out shoe and run behind the train to handover it to the owner, but his speed is not enough to catch the train.

Knowing, that, with one pair of shoe is of no use to anyone, the young boy throws his other shoe towards the platform, so that the poor boy can use both of them.

Imagine how many of us posses something or other, which is of no use to us at this moment but it could be of great help to others who are in need at this very moment.

Example like extra leftover food in our refrigerator, excess medicines or vitamins which we bought from costco (finally we throw it out after expiration), the book which we bought a year ago & hoping to read one day, the extra room we have in our home, the extra car we have to show off, extra pair of shoes, clothes,..etc

I just named a very few, which could make a very BIG difference in someone's life who are in need of those at this very moment.

Many thanks to the director Sarah Rozik & writer Mohammed Maher of the short film "The other pair"


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