Thursday, July 19, 2007

Standing Line Vs Sleeping Line Lesson

Krithik is now 2.1 yrs old and now he is in his pre kinder garden.

While having a conversation with his teacher (he calls her as aunty), she said that don't directly teach him to write A, B, C... ., instead teach him to write some strokes like Standing Line (l), Sleeping Line (_), Curves ((), Up Line (/), Down Line (\),..etc.,

I was quite amazed after teaching him about Standing Line & Sleeping Line. Normally I look for a crayon and a slate or a pencil and paper to teach him the strokes.

After teaching him the two lines, he looked into my palm and tolded me, Appa this is standing line and this is sleeping line. (pointing towards the vertical line and horizontal line in my palm).

Now I have learnt to stop using crayons & pencil. First to teach him with simple day to day objects/things and then later we can move on to slates & papers.

For a change, he taught me strokes with simple things.

Great Strokeeee... Krithik