Monday, April 16, 2012

Hi...I'm Max..... Hi I'm SE...

Few months before, when I was searching for a job in US, I contacted many placement firms in US.

As u know most of the firms are running by Indians, and their long names can't be easily understood by Americans, they have a trend to shorten their names.

There use to be a guy his name is Manohar, he speaks to me in Tamil and referred my resume to a client and then disappeared.

After few weeks he called me again for an another opportunity and introduced himself as Max!!

Hi Senthil, How are you? I am max I am calling you regarding an opportunity for one of our international client..bla bla...

I realized his voice and asked are u Manohar? who spoke to me couple of weeks ago?

He said ya! Senthil, I am Manohar, sorry since most of the speak find it difficult to pronounce my name I shortened it as MAX and a smile :-)

I replied oh! u took initial 2 letters of ur name MA and added X to it.

So what happens if I shortened my name in the same way, like taking the first 2 letters of my name SE and add X to it!!! :-) :-)