Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Enn Pondaati Oyurukkupoitaaa "My wife has gone to nativeeee"

I think it is not difficult to guess why I am so glad while writing this blog...ha! ha!

ya! my wife has gone to native yesterday and she will continue to stay there for the next few weeks. Now I'm like a freebird. I watch any channels of my choice, I can dine & drink at time anywhere, sleep as much as I can.

No sound from our milk valla everymorning, no burning smell from our kitchen, no grinder sound, no lunch bag to office. I feel that this week can be called a "HAPPY HUSBANDS WEEK".

Again today I missed my office shuttle by 5 mins and have to catch the public transport, since I need to search for my pair of socks, I missed by bus and one funny thing happened today is I'm wearing socks of slightly different colors each..:) and I'm in my wide open cut shoes.

Now my house looks likes a library no sound, no noise, no activities, I know that if she is here things would be better and active, but still I don't wann't to admit the truth ..:)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Gone our warrantyyyy

ya! yesterday was my third wedding anniversary and our warranty period is goneee

Gone those days where we have been identified as young couples and treated with only non vegetariansss...

Now we are one among the Jantha, we have started offering chicken, mutton food to the young couples around and sometimes share our stories.

Our fourth year journey has started now and we don't fight for TV channels like kids before, the choices is taken by our KID, so Disney Play house channel is the all the time hit at home

All these years, I have learnt to say that the dinner is delicious, lunch is fantastic, breakfast is beautiful and she had learnt to listen the same story from me after every meal we have..ha!

But one word we still say often is "You still have not understanded me after these years..." so we have applied for an exxxxxxxxxtented warrantyyyy.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

3 to go for 30 to come....

Started writing my first blog, when I'm about to turn 30.. I neither feel young nor old.. this is a typical state.

Morning I happen to read my friend shyam's blog, and came to know that he has less job in his office, so he has more time for blogging. This clicks me then why cann't I spend my useful time in office to blog... thanks shyam

I have got 3 months to become BIG 3. Now I cann't run behind bus or girls, I'm matured to know, that if I miss one, I can always get the second..ha!

I'm more worried about three white factors, Sugar, Salt and Milk. My dietician (a hefty lady) has advised me to have 3to 4 spoons of sugar, moderate salt and only 2 glass of milk per day. And I can consume upto 2000 cal / day including my 40 mins of brisk walking.

Than my work/career, I feel more about my tummy and cholestrol (Trigylcerine), which I have accumulated for these years around my waist.My friends are great, they make me feel happy when they say that their wasteline is bigger than mine..

Now I have learnt to say NO, no to second shows, no to lays, no to kurkure, no to unreserved travel, no to riding bike in the sun, no to pakoda, no to bajji, no to yahoo public chat, ....etc.,

All these nos say that I cann't hide my age and also my hips don't lie..