Sunday, May 20, 2018

No kids deserve a smack but some parents deserve.

Every Saturday, we have sparring classes for my kids at the local Martial arts. Today the substitute master was handling the class and he allowed kids of same age to spar with each other (not belt grade wise).

I don't blame the master bcos when there are not many kids and also to promote the confidence of lower belt kids they allow then to spare with senior belts.

Sparring happened between a black belt guy and a red belt (near black belt) guy, apparently, the black belt guy won, the poor junior guy couldn't control his feelings and smacked the winner, which is against the rules and realized his mistake and apologized.

After the match, the father of the guy who lost the match approached the winner and said I think u deserve another smack on ur face stating the reason as u are black belt u should know that u should not go harder on junior belts.

For which the master responded that "The black belt guy actually played low, had he been hard he could have knocked ur son at the first shot".

Though the black belt guy didn't respond with his words, I asked him what was going in his mind and would like to record it here.

- Daddy (yes that black belt guy is my son) I don't take any pride in winning matches with anyone who is lower belt than me.
- I actually played very low knowing the opponent is junior to me (which is true).
- I didn't smack him back though he played against the rules since I know that it's only his anger made him hit me and I don't want to aggravate his anger.
- And I have forgiven him immediately once he asked sorry.