Tuesday, April 28, 2009

God of small things

Every parent must have enjoyed their kids tender speech, I am blogging few of Krithik's comical conversation at home when he was between 3-4 yrs.
Situation : In Krithik's School Annual day celebration the teachers have made a sunflower with papers and cloth's painted fully yellow.
My Wife showed Krithik the paper sun flower and asked him, what flower is this?
Krithik : I don't know mummy
My Wife (was littled irritated) : How many times I have teached you that its sunflower.
Krithik : Mummy this is not sunflower, sunflower will have black color in its center, but this is fully yellowish.
My Wife really felt sorry, that she didn't observe that and kids are very intelligent to observe those small things.
My Wife : Krithik two vegetables sollu
Krithik : two vegetables
The above dialogue reminds me about a famous S.V.Sekar joke, like teacher will be asking SVS name any 5 dangerous animals, SVS will reply 3 tigers & 2 lions :-)
Situation: When I was riding my wife's scooty pep
Krithik : Daddy this is lady's vehicle, so you don't ride give it to mummy