Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bheema... All Out!!!!!!

Bheema is the first movie I watched in US at Park Theatre, (Poor Parking @ the theatre). Since Vikram gets a release after two years, we got motivated to see this picture on the first day of the release here!!!

To some extend we can say that this is a highly motivational movie, we started building our arms by doing some excercise during the interval itself :-).

Fans who get upset after seeing Trisha in the movie Kireedom, will now feel happy to see the movie Kireedom once again, as it was far better than this "All Out" movie.

The producer A.M Ratham is very intelligent, he knows the outcome of the movie, so he has not even spend 10% of his budget.

Harris Jayaraj must have felt not to waste his best tunes during the recording, but thanks a million for the six sexy beautiful songs.

Director Lingusamy has succeeded in spoiling the remake of the movie Thalapathi in the best possible way.


Guns don't kill people, only people kill people ... so Villain kills Trisha, Vikram kills Villain, Prakash Raj kills Police, Vikram kills Prakash Raj, Vikram kills another villain, police kills Vikram... so its an all out!!!!!